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Our Mission

To achieve a leading international position in quantum computing, we need a strong quantum computing ecosystem. Only together will research, industry and start-ups overcome the major technological challenges and successfully bring quantum computers into application. A strong quantum computing ecosystem accelerates technology transfer between industry and research, supports collaborations and the associated synergies and innovations and creates an attractive environment for skilled workers. Our mission is to shape, strengthen and expand this strong ecosystem.

In order to bring quantum computers into application more quickly, we are pooling infrastructure, expertise and resources at our innovation centres in Hamburg and Ulm. Industry and research come together at these innovation centres to jointly develop quantum computers, the necessary enabling technologies, software and applications. To this end, we provide quantum start-ups and industry consortia with laboratories, workshops and office space and create a highly attractive location with shared areas for efficient technology transfer, effective collaboration and an environment in which ground-breaking progress is possible.

By addressing and bringing together the entire quantum computing stack, we are unlocking the full potential of quantum computing, creating sovereign access to computing resources and keeping the value chains and expertise in Germany and Europe.

Active in Germany and Europe

As the DLR Quantum Computing Initiative, we work with a European perspective: we put our contracts out to tender across Europe, collaborate with quantum computing initiatives in other countries and are part of the European discourse. Our focus is on the German quantum computing ecosystem: at federal level, we help shape the big picture of quantum computing in Germany through dialogue with ministries, in committees and at events. We are in close dialogue with the state initiatives of the federal states or are part of them and work together with local politics and economic development at our locations. To this end, we exhibit our contribution to the quantum computing ecosystem at trade fairs and at our own events such as our annual AFQC exchange forum and the DLR QCI Showcases: The focus is not only on the projects, but also on the diverse partners from industry, start-ups and research with whom we realise them.

All of this comes together at our two innovation centres in Hamburg and Ulm: Here, we are not only creating highly attractive quantum computing locations, but are also becoming part of the existing local ecosystems.

We bring industry, start-ups, business & research together

An important success factor for us is the involvement of industrial companies and start-ups in the DLR QCI. On the one hand, we award contracts for the production of quantum computers and enabling technologies: fully financed complete systems and necessary supplier systems. On the other hand, we involve companies in our application projects as contractors for special research and development work: they formulate use cases, provide data or support us in the development of specific applications. Our goal: If the application side is considered from the very beginning of hardware development, we enable even faster use of quantum computers for practical applications. To this end, we work with companies to further develop the use cases of quantum computers and link the application results back into industrial hardware development.

We currently involve 13 companies for the development of quantum computers and enabling technologies and a further 8 companies to support our application projects (their number continues to grow strongly). As industrial partners in the DLR QCI, these companies benefit from networking in the national and international ecosystem and with venture capital investors. We support the visibility of the companies and provide them with a long-term perspective for the development of production capacities, personnel and market-orientated products. To this end, we support start-ups in the registration and defence of patents and IP and promote enabling technologies that can be used in other quantum technologies far beyond the DLR QCI ecosystem.

Our industry partners