Impressions of the 3. Austauschforum Quantencomputing

Over 300 registered participants from the fields of research, industry and politics. And everyone apparently came to our 3rd Quantum Computing Exchange Forum with the same goal: to get in touch with each other, build bridges and find common ways to put quantum computing into practice. In the 1:1 sessions, during breaks and on the big stage, and at the subsequent venture capital event, startups, industry, authorities and sovereign users met – the entire spectrum of the quantum computing ecosystem, from financiers to applications, from the supplier industry to the development studio. We are all the more proud that we were able to welcome all these actors as guests.

If we returned from our 3rd Quantum Computing Exchange Forum with one experience, then it is this: The quantum computing ecosystem needs exchange!

Exciting, inspiring, connecting

We would like to thank everyone who was there online and on site for contributing to the success of the 3rd Quantum Computing Exchange Forum with their enthusiasm and curiosity: for the exciting, inspiring and really enlightening lectures, for the great talks in the foyer and the excellent, complementary venture capital event with our colleagues from hqic.

The large amount of positive feedback has shown us that next time we want to offer even more of all this: more time and space for online and on-site exchange, an expanded program with even more contributions tailored to the ecosystem and new opportunities for participation, sustainable research , development and application bring together. If you have any ideas or want to get involved, please write to us:

Our preparations for the next quantum computing exchange forum have already begun. We look forward to the next time – then in Baden-Württemberg.

The DLR Quantum Computing Initiative’s team at the 3. AFQC, from left: Alain Pierrot, Georg Seydel, Anna Wildemann, Maximilian Kögl, Felix Knoke, Laura Finke, Raphael Wirthensohn, Barbara Grüner-Dvorak, Michael Höse, Stephan Manns, Daniel Ceglinski, Hendrik Beer, Karla Loida, Robert Axmann, Uwe Knodt, Mara Oßwald, Stephan Goller, Babette Wegener, Andreas Spörl, Uwe Müller, Birgit Schuster-Pascher, Philipp Ranitzsch (not in the picture: Kathrin Höppner, Bernd Walk, Petra Wolter)