Contractor sought for project QCMobility | Tactical Planning Processes in Aviation

We are seeking contractors for our QCMobility project to support us in defining and solving optimisation problems in the Tactical Planning Processes in Aviation sub-project. The focus will be on long-term planning processes that take place before flights where optimisation using quantum computers promises benefits in terms of efficiency, robustness, punctuality and climate impact. Participation is possible via TED 710427-2023. The submission deadline is 22 December 2023 at 2pm. A call for proposals for the sub-project Strategic Planning Processes in Aviation for short-term planning processes (long-term and before the flight day) is running in parallel under TED 710535-2023.

Quantum computing’s potential for mobility

QCMobility is researching the potential of quantum computers for highly relevant and critical application problems in mobility. To this end, we are working with partners from industry and research to develop customised quantum algorithms and demonstration problems that will be implemented on DLR QCI quantum computers.

In QCMobility, industry partners and DLR institutes are working together to use quantum computing for various mobility applications

  • strategic and tactical planning processes in air traffic,
  • Optimisation problems in demand-responsive transport,
  • planning and scheduling processes in rail transport,
  • route and trajectory optimisation for highly automated/autonomous systems in maritime transport and
  • the optimisation of multidimensional logistics networks in intermodal transport.

The project results will be incorporated into a Roadmap for Quantum Computing and Mobility.

Collaboration in QCMobility

As part of the collaboration in the sub-project Tactical Planning Processes in Aviation, the contractors will deliver a:

  • detailed documentation of (at least) 3 optimisation problems corresponding to the topic of the lot, and
  • data, information and simulation environments for the respective optimisation problems.
  • In addition, the contractor shall contribute to the development and implementation of quantum algorithms, and
  • writes a final discussion paper with his view on the project results, which is included in the roadmap and the final report.

All further information can be found in the call for proposals and the terms of reference.

QCMobility is a multi-faceted project involving several DLR institutes that reflects the diversity of mobility. It is coordinated by the DLR Institute of Quantum Technologies. To this end, the DLR Institutes of Air Transport, Transport Research, Transport Systems and Systems Engineering are analysing the individual aspects of mobility for future mobility.