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We are developing diamond qubit systems for quantum computers that can operate at room temperature.

To do this, we produce artificial, high-purity diamond layers free from sources of interference under controlled conditions. In these, we place individual atoms and nitrogen vacancies (NV centers) with nanometer precision, which we characterize using spin qubit analysis. Production and characterization take place in specially developed facilities and systems at a central production site. In doing so, we support the establishment and safeguarding of a reliable supply chain for diamond quantum hardware within Europe.


Quantum computers based on NV centers in artificial diamonds are a promising approach for quantum computing. However, controlled fabrication of high-quality NV centers is still a challenge. We overcome them by exploiting synergy effects in diamond production using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) processes and the ion implantation method. This allows us to place individual atoms (and thus NV centers) with nanometer precision. For the development and fabrication of the artificial diamond layers, we combine three core elements at a common production site: the production of the dedicated diamond layers, the targeted generation of the NV and 13C nuclear spin qubits and finally the characterization using the latest confocal microscopes for spin qubit analysis.


There are two major hurdles in the production of diamond quantum hardware: on the one hand, the production of artificial diamond layers, which have to meet special requirements in terms of purity and isotopic composition in order to even be considered as a base material for the targeted generation of qubits. On the other hand, the reproducible production of NV centers and distance-optimized 13C nuclear spins. With our holistic manufacturing and characterization process, we enable both and can thus reliably provide diamond hardware with NV centers for use in room temperature quantum computers.

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