Project DiNAQC: A scalable quantum computer based on neutral atoms kicks off

Our DINAQC hardware project has started work at our DLR Innovation Center in Ulm, in which the startup planqc is developing a scalable quantum computer based on neutral atoms for us. We are thus expanding our hardware portfolio with a particularly exciting platform for quantum computing and diversifying the quantum computing ecosystem.

Germany has a prominent position in the research of ultracold atoms. With our DINAQC project, we are strengthening this promising platform and enabling its further development towards industrial application. To this end, the startup PlanQC is developing a scalable, gate-based quantum computer for us with more than one hundred high-quality neutral atom qubits.

For the implementation of DINAQC, we are providing planqc with office and laboratory space in our DLR Innovation Center in Ulm. The close proximity to our other hardware, software and application projects at the Ulm site creates the conditions for synergies and efficient technology transfer. That is why we are all the more pleased that PlanQC will be the sixth company to move into our DLR Innovation Center as of September. Welcome on board!

“With this project, we are expanding our hardware portfolio and giving our scientists the opportunity to work on a variety of platforms.”

Barbara Grüner-Dvorak, Project Manager DLR QCI, during the kick-off