Industry partner for the QCI project ALQU (closed)

This Call for Proposals has been closed.

We are looking for industrial partners for the QCI project ALQU: Algorithms for Quantum Computer development in hardware software co-design. All details of the tender can be found on Ted: 283200-2023.

At the center of ALQU are two particularly important problems in developing quantum software: the efficient compilation of circuits on quantum computing hardware and the development of tailor-made quantum algorithms for industrial use. ALQU implements and evaluates solutions for QCI quantum computers together with the manufacturers of quantum hardware and industrial end users.

The industrial partnership includes the creation of a concept paper (topic: Quantum Sensors) in the sense of a research proposal in the field of quantum simulation for material sciences, i.e. the direct simulation of material properties or material dynamics with the help of quantum computers. For this purpose, specific problems should also be delivered, for example inconsistencies in phase diagrams of materials and materials, problems in the determination of basic magnetic conditions or incorrect calculation of transport properties in electrical ladders.

The ALQU project is headed by the DLR Institute for Software Technology, which drives research and development in the field of innovative software engineering technologies and the provision and application of this software know-how. It beats a bridge between basic research and possible end applications and supports the quantum computing ecosystem in developing innovative products and applications.

All details of the tender can be found on Ted: 283200-2023. The submission period ends on June 7th, 2023, 2 p.m. local time.