Industry partner for QCI project BASIQ (closed)

This tender has been closed.

We are currently seeking industrial partners for the QCI BASIQ project – battery material simulation using quantum computers. This involves the development of algorithms for quantum computers and hybrid techniques. The goal is to achieve the quantum simulation of all relevant materials used in electrochemical energy storage and conversion.

The QCI BASIQ project supports industry in the development of innovative materials and products through research and development work. To this end, BASIQ uses gate-based quantum computers to simulate all relevant material components of a battery cell, for example solid crystalline electrodes, liquid electrolytes and electrode interfaces. In addition, BASIQ simulates the interaction of the various components in an electrochemical cell, in particular the electrodes and electrolyte.

The industrial participation in the first BASIQ sub-project quantum chemistry consists of two lots: on the one hand the development of algorithms for quantum computers using noise and on the other hand the development of algorithms for hybrid processes.

Full details of bidding in two lots can be found on TED: 6961-2023. The submission deadline is January 31, 2023, 2 pm.