Ion trap quantum computers from Hamburg: Kick-off with Universal Quantum

We are pleased to welcome our industrial partner Universal Quantum to the Innovationszentrum Hamburg and thus also to the QCI: Over the next four years, Universal Quantum will build two prototype ion trap quantum computers for us, the projects Toccata and Legato. This will enable us to further develop the possibilities of ion trap technology and provide prototype quantum computers for our own research projects and project partners.

At our innovation center in Hamburg, we met the Universal Quantum team for the kick-off of the two projects, including a tour of the future laboratories and clean rooms. This was also an important step for us: With Universal Quantum, the first hardware project is moving in at our location in Hamburg and with it exactly the people, hardware and expertise that we want to bundle at our innovation centers. After the planning and concept phase, we are moving into the productive phase at full speed: Quantum computers are now being built in Hamburg!

“Now our hardware projects are also starting in Hamburg. This means that real high-tech is also being created at the Elbe, that will help us work on problems in the future that our current computers can only solve very slowly or not at all.”

Hendrik Beer, project manager QCI, 3rd from left

“I look forward to working with Universal Quantum and to the first interim results towards the completion of the ion trap-based quantum computer.”

Michael Höse, project manager QCI, left