Contractors wanted for the QUANTITY project

Quantum computers pose a major problem for conventional cryptographic security systems. This makes cryptanalysis methods that focus on the cryptographic relevance of quantum algorithms all the more important.

We are now looking for contractors to support our QUANTITY project in the investigation of cryptosystems in the age of powerful quantum computers. This primarily involves the identification of potentially crypto-relevant quantum algorithms, the derivation of suitable complexity metrics for quantum algorithms or operations and the proof-of-concept implementation of the quantum components of the cryptanalysis methods developed.

Participation is possible via TED 45045-2024. The deadline for submissions is 20 February 2024 at 2 pm. We look forward to exciting applications.

Industry integration

The awarded company is working on determining the security level of cryptographic systems in the age of powerful quantum computers and is thus making an essential contribution to ensuring the long-term confidentiality, authenticity and integrity of transmitted and stored data.

  • Analysis of potentially crypto-relevant algebraic-based quantum algorithms such as HHL and QAOA. The aim of the analysis is to determine the cryptographic relevance of quantum algorithms, i.e. the applicability of quantum algorithms to cryptographic primitives.
  • Derivation of complexity metrics that can be used to determine the security level of cryptographic systems. Complexity metrics play a crucial role in determining the security level of cryptosystems. The aim is to derive complexity metrics that allow the best possible estimation of the long-term security of quantum computer-resistant cryptosystems.
  • Complexity analysis of quantum algorithms with regard to cryptographically relevant complexity metrics, and
  • Implementation of quantum algorithms incl. programming of an interface for classical parts

This study is being led by the DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation (KN) in Oberpfaffenhofen. The DLR Institute of Communications and Navigation is dedicated to mission-orientated research in selected areas of communications and navigation. Its work ranges from the theoretical foundations to the demonstration of new procedures and systems in a real environment and is embedded in DLR’s Space, Aeronautics, Transport, Security and Digitalisation programmes.