Industry partner for the QCI project QUA-SAR

Public tender ist closed.

We are looking for industrial partners for the QCI project QUA-SAR: Quantum computing for radar remote sensing.

The objective of QUA-SAR is the development of innovative processing concepts and quantum algorithms for radar applications, especially for synthetic aperture radar systems for earth observation.

The industry participation is divided into two main work packages: Quantum optimization for resource management and interference suppression. And the use of quantum machine learning for automatic target recognition and tracking.

For full details of the call, visit TED: 8731-2023. The submission deadline is January 31, 2023, 2 p.m. local time.

The QUA-SAR project is managed by the DLR Institute of Microwave Technology and Radar Systems, which has world-leading expertise in spaceborne radar remote sensing. With QUA-SAR, it is researching, among other things, new ways of processing complex radar data and optimizing radar systems. Quantum computing offers a number of promising potentials from sensor design to data analysis.