Kick-off for our photonic quantum computer developed by QuiX Quantum

DLR QCI welcomes QuiX Quantum at our DLR Innovation Center in Ulm. The startup will develop a prototype photonic quantum computer for us over the next four years. But before that, as early as 2023, it will provide us with a reprogrammable photonic interferometer. With it we will gain important experience in the processing of photonic quantum states.

This construction phase is followed by the development of a photonic quantum computer: a universal 8-qubit system in the third project year and a universal and additionally error-correctable system with 64 qubits or more in the fourth year.

For the integration, QuiX Quantum uses laboratories and rooms in the DLR Innovation Center Ulm and thus benefits from the proximity to research at the DLR Institute for Quantum Technologies and the other QCI partners on site.

The kick-off meeting in Ulm was attended by QuiX Quantum Managing Director Stefan Hengesbach, Wladick Hartmann from the detector manufacturer Pixel Photonics, QCI head Robert Axmann, QCI Project Manager Barbara Grüner-Dvorak and more than a dozen QCI and QuiX employees. We look forward to working together and taking big steps for the quantum computing ecosystem.

With QuiX Quantum, two industrial partners are now part of the DLR quantum computing initiative at the Ulm site. At the beginning of 2022, the Berlin analog computer startup Anabrid moved into offices and a laboratory in the innovation center. With REDAC, Anabrid is developing a reconfigurable, discrete analog computer for us.