DLR QCI projekt SQUAP: Kick-off for a Spin Qubit Analysis platform

The Spin-enabling hardware project SQuAp started work with a kick-off: Our industrial partner Advanced Quantum is developing a qualification system for us to analyze the functionality and properties of spin qubits in solids. In doing so, we are strengthening both the NV center expertise at our DLR Innovation Center Ulm and the entire NV center ecosystem in Germany and Europe.

NV center-based qubits are a particularly promising platform for quantum computing and other quantum technologies. That’s why we not only invest in quantum computers based on NV centers, but also develop and expand the associated ecosystem in a targeted manner. By closely dovetailing our NV center orders and the necessary enabling technologies, we are creating the basis for further technological maturity of the platform and strengthening the NV center ecosystem in Germany and Europe.

As recently as January, we commissioned two startups to provide essential basic technologies: With the DIAQ project, Diatope is supplying us with diamond material for room-temperature quantum computers. With the SQuAp project, Advanced Quantum manufactures a spin qubit analysis platform for color center-based quantum hardware for us.

With Advanced Quantum’s spin characterization system, the diamond chips produced within the framework of other QCI projects can be characterized and examined for their suitability as quantum processors. In a later expansion stage, not only NV center chips in diamond but also other types of solid-state spins can be examined. This results in a wide range of possible applications as a characterization system for a whole range of solid-state-based platforms for quantum computing.

“Advanced Quantum’s spin characterization system enables us to further advance the development of optimized quantum processors based on solid-state spins.”

Michael Höse, project manager DLR QCI at the kick-off