Subproject Q2H: Industry partner sought for for DLR QCI project QuantiCoM (closed)

We are looking for more industrial partners for our DLR QCI project QuantiCoM to develop algorithms for atomistic simulations of materials and periodic systems.

This call is closed. But we have many more planned.

Our QuantiCoM project explores tools for rapid material discovery and development, transfer to industrial partners for application, and identification of simulation approaches that promise quantum advantage.

The subproject Q2H deals with the development of atomistic simulations based on quantum hardware. Based on available or foreseeable hardware, a general concept is to be developed with which approaches and approximation methods physically meaningful calculations can best exploit quantum advantages. As an exemplary project, simulations in the field of statics and dynamics of hydrogen and water will be carried out.

Full details: TED: 498688-2023. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 11, 2023, 2 p.m. local time.

QuantiCoM Q2H’s objectives

  • Development of algorithms for the material simulation of hydrogen and water
  • Benchmarking of QC algorithms with classical HPC computation.
  • Estimation of the impact of the algorithms on further atomic species.

The QuantiCoM project is led by the DLR Institute of Materials Research in Cologne. The DLR Institute of Materials Physics in Space and the DLR Institute of Technical Thermodynamics are involved. The research focus of the Institute of Materials Research is on the development of new materials solutions and their process technologies for applications in the aerospace, energy and automotive sectors. In cooperation with other DLR institutes and national and international partners, the Institute of Materials Research works on basic and applied research. The research portfolio extends along the areas of metallic structures, hybrid systems and intermetallics, structural and functional ceramics, thermoelectric systems, aerogels and aerogel composites, and high-temperature and functional coatings.