NV Centers Quantum Computer Innovation Center Ulm


Within four years we are developing a fully functional, robust and scalable diamond spin-based quantum computer with more than 32 qubits for use in office and home environments.

While most quantum computers today are only accessed remotely via the cloud due to the immense infrastructural challenges for their operation, our quantum processor systems work at room temperature, are powered by a standard power outlet and can be used in office and home environments due to their robustness . Our goal is to provide high-quality quantum information processing systems for companies and industrial partners alike: as a tool for innovation and to easily integrate the quantum advantage into their products. In this way, we enable the democratization of quantum computing.


For our quantum processors we use nitrogen vacancy (NV) defects in diamonds. They have very special quantum qualities: they are atom-sized and embedded in solid diamond material, exceptionally robust, fully functional and controllable at room temperature and embedded in extremely small diamond chips. They do not require any special cooling and can therefore be operated with minimal power consumption and space requirements. In a landscape dominated by room-sized, power-hungry quantum processing devices, the diamond qubits are a game changer. They enable the democratization of quantum computing. With NV centers, quantum computers can make the leap from the lab to everyday use.


The first big step was to get quantum computers out of the lab. We succeeded in doing this by drastically reducing the complexity of the laboratory system. With this we achieved a compact, robust system that is actually mobile. But the real challenge lies in the future: we need to improve the performance of these systems. This is the big task of the XQi project: We want to develop these compact, mobile NV-center quantum computers into really scalable systems with large computing capacities that are simple and practical enough to be compatible for the mass market.

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