COMIQC project: Kickoff for a novel quantum computer based on organic molecular crystals

With designer molecules based on crystalline hydrocarbons, the COMIQC project is taking the technology for implementing qubits a step further: Our contractor NVision Imaging Technologies is using organic chemistry methods to specifically design, place and activate solid-state spin qubits and thus optimise them for quantum computing.

Using this approach in the COMIQC project, we initially want to construct 10 qubits with nuclear spin registers and then, by combining five of these nuclear spin registers, 50-qubit systems. We hope that this will result in a very robust, miniaturisable and scalable quantum computer – our first organic quantum computer.

A whole new skillset for the Innovation Centre Ulm

The NVision team has now moved into its offices and laboratory at the Innovation Centre Ulm (IZUL) and officially started work at the project kick-off. While optical tables and laser equipment otherwise characterise the laboratory life of most of our industrial partners, NVision also uses our chemistry laboratory for COMIQC. This means that NVision also brings completely new skillsets to the site with organic chemistry and molecular synthesis. We are excited to see what synergies and inspiration this will spark.